What equipment do you have?

We have sewing machines, sergers and a coverlock machine along with a cutting table.

When is it open?

Please check our website for courses

Is it child-friendly?

Of course! We love children!

Does it have a kitchen?

Unfortunately we do not. We have a coffee station though.

What clothing patterns do you have?

A lot of them, please check our store and find out.

How much and how long does it take to ship the products?

It takes less than a week and $30 to ship to anywhere in Hong Kong.

Do you have a product pick-up option?

Yes we do, that way you can save shipping costs

Where are you located?

We are in [locaiton]

Where is the closest MTR station?

The closest MTR station is in Sheung Wan

How can we contact you?

Answer: You can email us at [email] or call us at [number] from Monday to Friday opening hours.